According to online statistics experts Netcraft, internet websites topped out in September 2014 at over a billion, but there were still 876,812,666 in January 2015. Huge numbers indeed, but only very few of these websites are, in fact, successful. They fail to draw readers to them, and those that they do, click away in seconds. What is the difference then between success and failure? Here is an outline of why most websites are nothing but a statistic floating around among nearly a billion others. So it’s most important to look and adopt top website design mistakes. Read on…

Website design mistakes

The Look

First impressions are incredibly important on the internet and, if you want people to use your site, you have to look attractive to the reader. Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all solution for this, but following some simple rules would have made a lot of websites more popular with their target readers. Loud music and bright, garish colors are not the way to greet readers of a retirement home website, but there are examples like this all over the World Wide Web.

Limited Platforms

Website design needs to take into account the different platforms that are used by the public, and designing purely for a laptop or PC could be fatal. Your website needs to be a tablet and, in particular, smartphone friendly. According to Ofcom, smartphones are now the most popular way to access the internet, so designing purely for a laptop means ignoring over 30% of internet users. I’m sure you will agree that is not the best strategy


The websites are supposed to offer a service or information, but, unfortunately, these things are not always accessible. Many websites are too complicated to navigate around and become too much like hard work for people who want an easy life while surfing the net. Undefined menu pages and internal links that are confusing are complete turn-offs for most users, and usually, relegate a website to an also-ran rather than a top contender.


Smart websites use a web hosting company to make sure they are available on the internet every minute of every day, and this is the only way to ensure loyal readers. It only takes your site being down on one occasion for loyal readers to become disloyal and click to another site. The cost of a web hosting service is often quoted as a reason not to use one, but flexible hosting packages are available from reliable companies like best-unlimited web hosting that will enable readers and users alike to return again and again.


A website’s content is the only reason that people visit it, and is the main reason that people switch away too. Boring irrelevant content is bad enough, but even the most relevant, interesting content can only be read once before it becomes old. It is a major mistake for websites to sit back and admire what they have created, without planning to update articles and blogs regularly. Unless you deal with antiques, you need the most up to date stock and supplies to thrive as a business; and the same is true on the net. If you don’t want to be seen as the internet equivalent of an antique, keep renewing your content.


The competition to appear at the top of a search page is fierce, and successful websites are aware of this. Unfortunately, most websites ignore any strategies to move up the search engine lists and are relegated to oblivion on page 30. Not utilizing links and SEO (search engine optimization) is a mistake that is made far too often, and is why so many of those near billion websites are read by so few.

These are probably the most common website design mistakes that contribute to a lowly ranked website, but they are by no means the only ones. However, if you can avoid these 5 basic mistakes, your website has a far greater chance of being successful.


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