From the mid of year 2012 you can use custom permalink for you blog post if your using Blogger. Permalink is permanent link for your blog post. Are you aware of this feature of Blogger? If not, hereunder I am writing for you in detail.

Before mid of year 2012 when you wrote the posts post permalink were created automatically related to post titles. Using the post permalink is very important for SEO purpose. As you all know Search Engines / spiders like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yandex crawl and show pages in search results. For this purpose permalink is also considered i.e. read or crawled.

SEO friendly Custom Permalink

How search engines look for keywords?

How search engines look for keyword

Right words in permalink might give you better search engine rankings for different posts. You should try to avoid the use of stop words in permalink. So always create permalinks with little care. Stop words are those words which are ignored by search engines during populating the results or crawling.

How to create a custom permalink for a post on Blogger?

1. When you’re creating a post look at right sidebar you’ll find the Permalink Option as shown below

Enter Custom Permalink

2. After clicking on that you’ll see two options (radio buttons) – ‘Automatic Permalink’ and ‘Custom Permalink

3. Now check the radio button appearing just before Custom Permalink option then a box will come out below in which you can fill the custom permalink according to you choice.

4. Make sure blogger auto save function has calculated the permalink then click on Done button.

5. Use hyphen (–) or dot (.) to separate two words. Correct format of permalink is tech-prevue-labs please avoid techprevuelabs.

If you have already published a post and want to change the post you can change the permalink. How? you can read here.
Change existing post permalink on Blogger