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Professional blogger by choice and tech savvy by habit. A NIFT Alumni who's consulting and nurturing many fastest growing blogs.
disable text selection blogger dynamic views

How to Disable Text Selection in Blogspot/Blogger Dynamic Views?

Good news for those who are using Blogger Dynamic Views and want to disable text selection for their blog posts. Many of my readers...
Digital threats

Top 5 Digital Threats for Children Over the Internet

Digital devices such as smartphones and tablets are becoming increasingly common among kids, exposing them to a hostile environment plagued by threats such as...
Turn off chat in Gmail

How to Turn Off Chat in Gmail Inbox Completely?

By turning off the Gmail chat you can speed up the Gmail loading. If you're thinking to turn-off Gmail chat because nonsense pings sent...

Proper Storage Tips for Electronics

For the most part, storing electronics is a very straightforward process. However, just like with your favorite recipe, an error on any one step...
Dublin Core Meta Tags for Blogger

How to Use Dublin Core Meta Tags with Blogspot/Blogger?

Meta tags, Metadata or Microdata for website or blog is an essential information element(s) which is crawled by most of search engine bots. These...
ping your blog

Ping your blog to maximize search engine reach

Your blog is always automatically crawled by search engines every time when you publish or update a blog post. But if you want instant...
Setup Google Analytics

How to Set up Google Analytics with Blogspot/Blogger?

To track blog traffic and analyze other browsing activities is a must. For this purpose, you can set up Google Analytics with Blogspot/Blogger. So...
Open Graph Natural Language Processing

Graph Search to continue using natural-language processing

As Facebook gives a taste of the Graph Search to a few million from a whooping 1.06 billion active users who had signed up...

Enable Threaded Comments in Old or Custom Templates – Blogger Guide

Most of my readers are using their favorite Blogger template. They do not want to change it but want to enable new threaded comments...
Big data cloud computing future

How is Big Data Cloud Computing Our Tomorrow?

The cloud has made a huge difference to how the internet works. There was a time when cloud storage, at least at the magnitude... Metadata, Microdata, Meta tags for Blogger metadata/tags for Blogger – Advanced Practices

Today we will discuss how you can use better metadata/ tags for Blogger. If you are thinking what is meta tags? Then...
Put AdSense Inside Blogger Post, Insert Ads into Your Post Content in Blogger

How to Put AdSense Inside Blogger Post – Advanced Practices

Google AdSense is the best way to earn revenue through your blog. For this purpose placement of ads on right place is very important...
How to find Facebook admin id or user id

How to Find Facebook Admin ID/User ID? – Advanced Practices

How to find Facebook Admin ID or Facebook User ID is most asked the question. You can use findmyfbid but our objective is to...

How Cable Television Continues to Conquer the Internet Revolution

The popularity and the progression of the internet is something that cannot be denied. Because of this many people predicted that television would be...
Set Image Alignment and Image Size on Blogger

Set Image Alignment and Image Size on Blogger – HTML mode

Hello there, Blogger has introduced a small but very important update for those who create/ edit their blog post in HTML mode rather than...
Facebook Infographic

Facebook: Behind the Numbers – Infographics

It is time to learn more about Facebook success. There is an infographics "Facebook: Behind the Numbers" by There are very important facts...
Google Note Taking App Rumors

Google Note Taking App in the Competition of Evernote

Could Google, the renowned search engine, be launching a suitable competitor to Evernote? First of all, allow me to share a fact. It was...
Google group

Google Group as a Forum for Blogger blogs and others

Many of bloggers are searching for how to get a correct forum software for their blogs to start healthy discussions at a certain place...

How Google Algorithm helps promote only user friendly content in search results

Like every other search engine, Google too, boasts of algorithm updates which are named after cuddly and adorable animals like Panda and Penguin. An...
Official Blogger Contact Form

Install/ Add Official Blogger Contact Form to your blog

Google is updating Blogger day by day to make it more user friendly and useful platform for all kind of audience. So Blogger has...

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