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A digital marketing scholar by choice and tech-savvy by habit. A NIFT Alumni who's consulting and nurturing many fastest growing businesses and blogs.
How to Backup your Blogger Theme/Template and Restore It

How to Backup Your Theme or Upload a New Theme on Blogspot/Blogger?

As a blogging platform, Blogspot/Blogger is simple, and theme editing is not that much tough as someone can think. Recently Blogger has made some critical...
gplus1 bubble button blog

How to Add Google +1 Bubble Button to Posts and Pages? – Blogspot/Blogger Tutorial

Google+ is shut down! Google Blogger has introduced the Google +1 button but only inline. You can't choose Google +1 bubble button for Blogger posts...

Disable & Enable Gmail’s New Compose mode/editor/interface

Hello friends today I'll share a method of disabling and enabling Gmail's new compose mode/editor. Most of my friends love Gmail compose but very...
The internet or web publishing

10 Disadvantages of Web Publishing

The internet is beyond doubt a revolutionary advancement in providing the ability to broadly disseminate information. However, when it comes to online publishing or...
Add a Pinterest save button on Blogger

How to Add Pinterest Save Button on Blogger/Blogspot?

Nowadays, Pinterest Save Button is very-very popular to share images on Pinterest. Many blogs have implemented the Pinterest Pin It button for images. You...
tweet button blogger

How to Add Twitter Tweet Button to Blogger Posts and Pages?

Twitter is very popular now a days and it's popularity increasing day by day. In this article our objective is to add Twitter tweet...
gplus button for blogger

How to Add Google+ Share Button on Posts and Pages? – Blogspot/Blogger Tutorial

Google+ is no more online. Google+ has introduced a share button, which is a more user-friendly and easiest way to share your site content on...
Create Custom Redirects for Error 404 on Blogspot

How to Create Custom Redirects for Error 404 on Blogspot/Blogger?

Blogger (aka Blogspot) has made some new exciting changes related to search engine optimization (SEO). I have already told you about how to change...

How to Define Max Image Width for All Posts? – Blogspot/Blogger Guide

When you create a post and upload an image to a Blogspot post, it is a little tricky to adjust manually the same width...
Advanced Blogger SEO

A complete guide of Blogger SEO for newbies

We all want to get more readers and more earning for our blog. And we do all possible to get higher ranking in search...
Custom robots header tags for Blogger

How to Use Custom Robots Header Tags? – Blogger/Blogspot SEO

Blogger is continuously improving SEO features to give a better user experience. SEO features are beneficial, and it means search engine bots will easily...
Google Authorship Markup for Blogger

How to Fix Google Authorship Markup Warnings for Blogger?

Google Authorship is no longer valid. After or during the claiming Google Authorship when you check your blog (hosted by Blogger) with Rich snippet testing...

Google and Bing SEO Starter Guide for Newbies

Google SEO Vs. Bing SEO. Are you writing regularly useful articles, but your search engine presence is not that much good, i.e. you blog...
Metro UI Social Media Profile Widget 3.0

How to Add Metro UI Social Profile Widget v3.0 on Blogspot, Blogger, or WordPress?

New Release Metro UI Social Profile Widget v3.0 for Blogspot or Blogger is an extended version of the previous widget released on Tech Prevue...
top commentator widget

How to Hide Blog Admin in Recent Comments Widget for Blogger?

I am presenting a most advanced recent comments widget for Blogger. I am thankful to Mr. MS-potilas who is the original author of it....
Custom Robots.txt Blogger Tutorial

How to Use Custom Robots.txt with Your Blog? – Blogspot/Blogger SEO

Robots.txt is a text file on the server in that you can write which directories, web pages, or links should not be included for...
blogger theme switch

Blogger Theme Switch: Default, Mobile and Dynamic Views

If you are using Google Blogger then you can offer 9 themes and visitors can switch to any of these. Among these, the first...
google drive as contact form

How to Create a Contact Form for blog with Google Docs?

If you have a blog and want to use a contact form to get feedback from readers or customers. Then Google Drive / Docs...
Spread the word widget for blogs

How to Create Spread the Word Widget for Blogs and Sites?

Spread the word widget will let your readers copy an HTML code, which will give a link to your blog. By using such kind...
friendconnect only two rows

Google Friend Connect for Blogspot/Blogger with Only 2 Rows

Now Google Friend Connect is a depreciated product. Its new available alternate is Google+ Followers. I'll recommend you to work more upon Google+ Followers...

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