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A digital marketing scholar by choice and tech-savvy by habit. A NIFT Alumni who's consulting and nurturing many fastest growing businesses and blogs.
Facebook like box popup widget

How to Add Facebook Like Box Pop Up Widget to A Blog? – Extended...

Most of our readers want to use Facebook Like Box with Lightbox effect, including one-time popup for a single user in n number of...

How to Claim Your Blogger/Blogspot Blog on Alexa?

Alexa now does not offer website submission. You need to install the Alexa toolbar add-on or plugin in your web browser to get ranked....
Facebook comment system on Blogspot

How to Use Facebook Comment System on Blogspot/Google Blogger? – Advanced Installation

Facebook Comments system may be a reason for social media success for most of us. It is best among all Facebook plugins for blogging....

A Wonderful Branding Free Facebook Like Box

Friends if you are looking for professional branding free Facebook like box then you are at the right place and reading this article. I...
Facebook like box css popup

How to Add Facebook Like Box CSS Popup Widget v2.0 Improved?

Facebook Like Box is an amazing and useful widget. You can feed your blog posts, articles, and updates your friend and audience who have...
Top web development tools

Top Web Development Tools You Should Know

Web development is one of the fastest-growing areas in online business since websites emerged as the most reliable online tools for businesses. Over time,...
Facebook Recommendation Bar

How to Add Facebook Recommendation Bar on Blogger Blogspot Blogs

Facebook Recommendation Bar is a new and unique widget for your blog or site which suggests posts to your readers and give a chance...
Blogspot Blogger mobile theme customization

Blogspot/Blogger Mobile Theme Customization – Advanced Tutorial

We have already told you how to enable and change the Blogspot/Blogger mobile theme. Most of the bloggers have enabled the mobile theme for...
Social media mistakes to avoid

3 Social Media Mistakes That Hurts Your Search Rankings

Everyone knows that social media has an impact on search rankings. And all businesses are doing their best to leverage social media for enhancing...
Bing webmaster tools

How to Submit A Sitemap to Bing Webmaster Tools? – Blogspot/Blogger SEO

Most people submit a sitemap to Google Search Console but they forget to submit a sitemap to Bing Webmaster Tools. Bing Webmaster Tools is...
Rumbletalk chatroom for Facebook page and blog

What is RumbleTalk? How to Create A Chatroom for Facebook Page?

Chating on Facebook has become a daily pastime for many individuals around the world. It is one of the most used features on Facebook....
How to submit Blogspot sitemap to Google

How to Submit Sitemap to Google Search Console?- Blogspot/Blogger Method 2

We have already discussed the benefits of sitemap submission to Google Search Console in the previous article. Here in this article, we'll discuss 'Method...
How to submit Blogspot sitemap to Google

How to Submit Sitemap to Google Search Console? – Blogspot/Blogger Method 1

If you want to take benefits of Organic traffic to get better search engine ranking, then one of the essential things is submitting a...
The Best Android Blogging Apps

Top Android Blogging Apps Every Blogger Should Use

A blogger who owns an Android device can use thousands of apps. These Android blogging apps help to simplify your blogging experience. The Google...
Social Media Marketing Job

Basics of Social Media Marketing to Get the Job Done

When your website is born, then you will need to make its exposure to the people of the internet. So, you have to advertise...
Sitemap submission to Google, Bing, and Yandex

How to Submit A Sitemap to Google, Bing, and Yandex? – Blogspot/Blogger SEO

A blog's sitemap is a list of posts and pages available for public access. This list is usually index by crawlers and access by...
Google URL Shortener

How to Add Automatic Google URL Shortener on a Blogger Blog?

This service does not work. Many of us are looking for automatic Google URL shortener "//". When I was reading many articles and tutorials about...
Custom Page Not Found for Blogger

How to Create a Custom Page Not Found (Error 404 Page) on Blogspot?

Now you can create a Custom Page Not Found (Error 404 Page) for Blogspot Blogger blog. This page appears only - 1. When a reader...
blogger posts comments backup

How to Backup Blog Posts, Pages and Comments – Blogger Tutorial

If you're a blog publisher aka blogger, then you may have to worry about blog hacking or blog deletion by Google for an unknown...
How to Backup your Blogger Theme/Template and Restore It

How to Backup Your Theme or Upload a New Theme on Blogspot/Blogger?

As a blogging platform, Blogspot/Blogger is simple, and theme editing is not that much tough as someone can think. Recently Blogger has made some critical...

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