Your lifestyle is interesting. At Atlasfera we honestly believe in that. Even tiny details of your daily life, details which you pay no attention to, are amazing for many people in our world. Just think about it – would not it be cool for you to be able to check out the way someone of your age lives on the other side of the globe? It sure would. And checking out lifestyles is not about mere curiosity.

For example learning how a person who has the same job you do lives in different city or country can result in significant changes in your life.

Seeing how people live in dangerous places, where there is war and unrest may open your eyes to see the real picture, not the one the biased mass-media are spreading.

Today’s social networks are not designed to give an idea of how someone lives. They are all about sharing thoughts, communicating with old friends, food pictures, selfies and so on. Now Atlasfera is going to be specifically designed to let you show the way you live and check out lifestyles of others.

Here is our sample profile page. The standard information takes up very little space, the attention is focused on the albums. There are six of them. One cannot delete them or add new ones, that is what is going to make the website look organized and simple to understand. The albums cover all aspects of life. Below you may see the “Way of Life” album. Notice, that the album consists of series of photos, not just photos meaning, they are basically slide shows and multiple photos of, say, “My home” can be uploaded

Atlasfera profile

The “Way of Life” album is also going to include work-related photos and typical after work activity.

“My city” is for the photos of the town the user lives in, so that the visitor could understand the way the local see their hometown.

“Places” album is for restaurants, health and beauty and other establishments, so that somebody who is planning to visit this town could see where locals hang out and visit truly good places, not the best advertised ones.

“Events” album is going to be sorted by date and divided into “public” and “personal” categories . The former is going to be all about local events like parades, fairs, or public meetings and the latter will be dedicated to birthdays, weddings etc. The visitor gets a detailed outlook on the profile owner’s life, and the profile owner gets a well-structured photo-diary.

“Travel” album is for photos from out of town trips. They will be organized just like the series of photos above, only instead of “My home”, “Typical breakfast” and other there will be “Trip to France 26.09.-02.10.2015”, “Trip to Australia 15-25.10.2015”.

“Food” album is, well, for pictures of food. Yes, in the beginning I wrote that food pictures are irrelevant, but they are ok as a little separate album, because they complete the lifestyle picture.

Also, the photos from “My city”, “Places”, “Events”, and “Food” of all users’ profiles registered in one city are going to be automatically taken to that city profile. As well as “Travel” photos of users who travelled to that city.

Atlasfera city

There are also going to be some other cool features. If you want to learn more about them and support Atlasfera, please, come to our Indiegogo campaign page at we offer awesome rewards.