Snap 9 from Ashampoo is a kind of All in One-Tool for screen capturing your desktop in nearly possible way: Screenshots and videos are easily recorded and edited directly while the capturing. The recordings can be added with text and graphical elements, to point out at certain facts or explain difficult workflows in a quick way.

So what’s the thing with Snap 9?

The possibility, to shot the whole desktop, leaves endless opportunities. Instead of explaining something with a lot of words, it can be shown much quicker on a screen capture or a short tutorial. Skype calls can also be recorded as well as video streams or webcam sessions. The capturing of complete homepages, even if they fit on the screen, also is a very comfortable feature, as well as the automatic text recognition (OCR), which saves a lot of work. The text content of pages can be saved in a quick way with a few clicks, and has not to be copied or typed out.

Box Ashampoo Snap 9

How to use Snap 9?

After the installation of the tool, you might wonder in the first moment, where to find it – even you have opened it directly. It’s unobtrusive hidden in the system tray in the right lower corner. You can open the menu there by clicking on the symbol. So you can leave it open all the time, without being annoyed by an irritating user interface.

Ashampoo Snap 9

In the right upper corner of your screen you also have the toolbar in a dropdown menu. If you mouse over the menu button, you’ll get offered the most used functions for a quick access.

Ashampoo Snap 9
Ashampoo Snap 9: Dropdown menu

With shooting a certain menu for example, you can show somebody a clever function without long explanations, you simply shot only the menu with the feature, especially made for it: Just click on the Capture menu button.

Ashampoo Snap 9
Ashampoo Snap 9: Capture menu button

Then you navigate the menu, submenu or function, you want to point at and leave the mouse on it. If a blue frame surrounds the menu, you hit Enter. The shot will be taken instantly and the Software opens it in the editor. There you can export it in directly in Photoshop or save it to cloud services like Evernote.

Ashampoo Snap 9
Ashampoo Snap 9: Navigate the menu, submenu or function

Plans and Pricing

There is a free version with less features available called Snap 2017, which you can download here: There is also trial version of the “big” version Snap9, which works for 30 days. The full version costs 49.99 $.

If you often take screenshots and are annoyed about the limited choices of further processing, or if you need to capture videos, explain workflows of your screen, you should really take a look on the Snap 9. The synergy between other popular editing tools guarantee an easy workflow, the features of the tool are covering nearly any possible need screenshotting and -filming.

Giveaway for the TechPrevue’s Readers

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