How Should We Approach Education’s Digital Divide?


There must be solid ways to approach digital divide smartly. Before finding a way to ‘How should we approach it?’, we need to know exactly, what is this problem all about, what is the definition of it, and what sort of impact It’s having in education?

What Is Digital Divide?

It generally means the gap between a region and demographics in terms of having and, not having the access to modern technologies. In short, it is a term that used to classify people or region according to having the access to the latest information and technology.

Digital divide concept


Well, it comprises a lot of factors. Few of them are:

  • social factors.
  • economic factors.
  • technological factors etc.

Age, gender, family structure, education, ethnicity etc. can be mentioned as social factors. education, earnings, infrastructure, GDP etc. Determine the economic factor. Access to latest information, technology, internet etc. are mentionable as the technological factors.

Bridging The Issue

We must realize the importance of bridging the digital divide as we are living in the 21st century. There is no room for us to keep a certain race of people isolated from getting all the hi-tech privileges.

The basic to the solution of this problem is to adequately computerize the whole system. Rest of the thing will be fixed on their own under this policy. Every student getting the access to a computer. Internet learning would be at their fingertips – getting help by easily typing “write my essay” request. Even farmers having the access of internet to get the solution of all his issues instantly.

This policy is highly recommended for the people of the third world where access to modern technology and internet are highly denied since the ratio of the digital divide in the developed part of the world is lesser compared to the third world. And the pioneer to the bridging the digital divide has to be mainly the people who already have the privilege of having all the hi-tech service. And most importantly the government of respective country/ region has to play the main role towards the whole thing.

Digital Divide In Education

This problem in education occurs almost everywhere in the world. It really gets intense when the divide takes place between the people/students who are not stable socially and economically and the people who are stable according to the same measurement criteria.

This issue is not only an American problem; it is literally a global issue. It is not an issue of black and Hispanics. Race, gender, social status are the main ingredients of the digital divide in education.


We need to be really serious about this thing. it has a none less long-term damaging impact than the other issues of the world which we have been focusing on with great concern. a problem is a problem. it should be treated like this. the idea is to convey the modern technological facilities to all the students of the world. everyone has their own role to play to this. The government and NGO’s need to create awareness in the society. the guardians need to understand the importance of digitalization of education. the teacher’s need to be updated through regular workshops. everybody related to any sort of education needs to be familiar with modern information and technologies. On top of all, providing computer and internet in every classroom and to every student would be a perfect idea to approach education’s digital divide.


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