The increasing popularity of smartphones in recent times has triggered the rapid development of the technology. The prediction of the Digitimes Research is that, in 2016 there will be more than 15 billion users of smartphone throughout the globe. This smartphone market generally flourishes in the Latin American and South East Asian regions where the e-commerce apps and social media are quite vulnerable. The privacy guard Applock tool allows its users the control over location, duration and other presets as well. It will allow you to hide your messages and chats from people. Shortcut assistance is available with which all conversations, important pictures and videos can be hidden. All these can be done by the single touch of a key and that is just simply awesome.

Intelligent Applock Tool

About Privacy guard Applock Tool

Impressive user interface

LEO Privacy Guard 3.0 is considered to have one of the best and impressive user interfaces amongst the several security apps available in the market. This applock tool provides a stylish and easy-to-use interface with icons that are large enough to get noticed. With its increased level of protection and great user interface, most smartphone users are eager to explore the newly invented feature of this app. Various shortcuts for different sections are placed at the bottom of the screen and everything is featured on the main screen, saving your time for navigation. Each section of the app can be changed individually. The privacy protection feature will enable you to check the current privacy of your smartphone and you will need just a single touch to explore all these features. This ensures an effective and customized execution that channelizes the user experience. Nowadays all smartphone users have internet connections which make their phones more vulnerable to hacking. But, when you have the best privacy guard applock tool installed in your phone, you need not worry about any such problem. The interface is quite comprehensive which even enables you to download additional themes.

Innovative and advanced protection levels

This applock tool categorizes the privacy protection across several levels segregated in to Normal, Good, Vigilant, Dangerous and Perfect. It has introduced an innovative way to make recommendations for the appropriate level of privacy according to the need of the user, in order to enable them make a customized choice for protection of their smartphone. It is generally concerned with snooping of phone records and text messages, providing full protection to its users and keeping them safe.

A performance booster for your smartphone

Smartphone users tend to install several apps and games in their phones which keep running in the background making the performance of the phone really slow. A lot of junk files are created eating up the phone’s memory. LEO Privacy Guard 3.0 has a phone boost feature which stops the applications from running in your phone’s background and improves the performance of your phone. On the main screen a boost icon is created which can be used with just a single tap. This applock tool have an option to delete junk files present in the phone’s memory and prevents them from unnecessarily using up your phone’s storage space.