Carplay is a recent addition to the Apple arsenal. The idea is to link your iPhone to your car. Of course, there are several products on the market which already have this capability but this product is designed by Apple for Apple users. The Carplay integrates with steering wheel controls and allows a driver to access their text messages, music and even the inbuilt phone sat-nav tools. All this can be done without touching the phone and risking breaking the law.

apple carplay technology

Carplay works via Apple’s voice activated Siri software and will allow a driver to dictate a response to a text message. The only physical control needed is pushing the voice control button on the steering wheel. The system is capable of predicting a destination by reading the information in the phone’s email or contact list. As the product is fully integrated into the car systems it is possible to have a phone conversation and hear the other person’s voice through the car speakers. Music on the iPhone also plays through the car speakers.

A closer look at Apple’s Carplay Technology

All Apple products are smart, sophisticated looking devices, and the Carplay is no different. It has a large touch screen with buttons just like on the phone allowing one touch control to music, maps, phone calls or other apps. The screen will not look out of place on high end luxury cars or your everyday run around.

Carplay helps you use your iPhone safely when you drive a car. The system is present is select vehicles only and it comes with a wealth of great features. You can make calls, get directions, send messages and even listen to music without putting your life and the life of other in danger while behind a wheel.

Apple products

Those who have an iPhone or who have used an iPhone will be aware that the phone allows their personal content to be at their fingertips whatever they are doing and wherever they are in the world. Apple has created the Carplay to allow this same content control with the minimal of personal intervention needed. Safety while driving is an increasing issue and this product will be an invaluable assistance to those with iPhone’s.

apple carplay tech direction

A new direction

This is a unique step forward for Apple for two reasons.

  1. This is a new market sector to Apple and one which they have no experience of.
  2. This is the first time they have partnered with other companies to develop their product. In this case various car manufacturers have contributed and assisted with the development and design. This is to ensure full integration.

Volvo, Mercedes and Ferrari have already announced it is an option on their new cars. Many other manufacturers will be adding this option in the near future.

What should we expect from Carplay in the future?

It is a bold step but one which may pay off. Apple is known for being at the forefront of new technology and this could become the case for the new Carplay. It is possible that this will become the most in demand system for any vehicle. Research is showing that consumers are more interested in what technology is available with their new car than they have ever been.

The Carplay and its link to the iPhone will undoubtedly make many apps available on the move and may well open an entirely new market of app technology. Third party music streaming apps are already linked to Carplay and there are certain to be more wishing to link with it.The Carplay is also the start of a much wider concept. There is now a lot of talk and research into the idea of cars becoming connected both to their drivers and to the World Wide Web.

apple carplay tech connection

Connection to the driver will allow monitoring and alert systems to function correctly and prevent accidents or even control the car if necessary. Linking with the internet will go a step closer to autonomous cars and the potential to track vehicles when needed. What should we expect from in-car technology 10-20 years from now? Let’s hope that great things will happen, especially now that tech companies like Apple have started gaining an interest in the auto industry.

By John Smith and!