There are several ways to which you can make your video creation stand out. One of the approaches that some people find appealing is the use of the animated logo to a video. With the use of some simple video editing tools like Wondershare Video Editor, you can add watermark and an animated logo to your videos without much fuss. You can easily choose the ideal display position for the logo.

Add the animated logo to a video

Below is the simple procedure to use to add the animated logo to a video using Wondershare Video Editor:

1. Import Video

Select “Import” which opens the browser window and then proceed to choose source videos that you wish for from your files folders. If you wish, you can choose to drag and drop the files to the window. After loading all files, you need to drag and drop them onto the complementary timeline. All files which find their way to the timeline will be merged.

Wondershare Complementary Timeline
Complementary Timeline

You might be thrilled to know that the program supports almost all file formats.

2. Drag Logo

On the PIP timeline, you need to drag the logo that you wish to add to the video. You will be able to see the logo in preview form. It will overlap with the frame of the original video as it is usually seen in its original size. However, you are at freedom to customise its position, size and even direction to correspond to your needs. To influence its positioning throughout the length of the video, move the logo by dragging it to the video content.

3. Make Logo Transparent If Needed

If so wished, you can even make the logo somewhat transparent if the background color does not resonate well with your desire for the video file. To achieve this, you need to choose the option “Effect” on the PIP Edit window. Aside from making the logo transparent, you can use this “Edit” option to add a border or shadow to the logo according to your needs.

4. Export Video

By this time, you can be happy that the logo has been added to the video file. Of course, the next need would be to show to all and sundry the creation that you have just made. Using the “Create” button, you will easily use the software to carry out your importation needs. If you have the desire to share it on YouTube, you simply need to choose this option and then fill the details of your account information. In this way, you will be able to share the video directly on YouTube.

Wondershare - Share Your Videos
Share Your Videos

If you would like to sample this video while on the move, there is an option for you to enjoy such use. On the “Devices” tab, you need to choose the specific model of the device that you use.

If on the other hand, you would like to get a DVD disk from the creation, you will be able to burn one pretty fast.