The Best CRM for Startups: What to Know Before You Buy


When you are looking at implementing the best CRM Software for small business, it is important to choose the right solution for it to give compelling results for your startup company. Although the price is an important deciding criterion, there are some factors that have to be fulfilled ensuring that the right fit.

The Best CRM for Startups: What to Know Before You Buy

Support Factor:

Right at the beginning, in a startup, one would want a way to keep track of clients, collect customer data, and coordinate with the customer to take certain actions that are required. As a startup’s primary focus will be customer interaction, an effective CRM system can become the backbone of your company by being the point of contact for all company related functions and also between the company and the client. The better the CRM Software for small business works, the quicker the business will grow and strengthen.

Sales Friendly:

The best CRM system that is designed in the same way as the sales flow in the company – the path in which sales moves from lead generation to closing the deal will be most beneficial. This is because it allows the salesperson to observe, scrutinize and manage the sales. Additionally, as data is centrally available, fellow staff can also access data that is required, leading to transparency in the system.

Best of Both:

An ideal CRM or a startup is one which is neither very complex nor very simple. In case of a complex system, the staff who are using CRM for the first time will find it difficult to use it and also there are chances that in case of a downtime, the company will be paralyzed. However, in case of a very simple CRM, the data will never be available on the move to aid salespeople. So, a CRM which is flexible and is neither too complex nor too simple is a good choice as it will support data flow and easy to use for employees.

Employees Confidence:

Although the above three mentioned factors are crucial, talk to employees from sales, marketing, technical support, client service and R&D as to what would they be requiring in the CRM system. Make a list of particulars which they require in their operation and try to get it customized in your final choice of CRM Software for small business. This will ease their work and also solve the problem of employee resistance in using CRM.


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