Amigabit Data Recovery: Nowadays, we are leading a digital life, and most people have loads of data stored on their PC, laptop, mobile phone or some other devices. The popularization of digital data brings much convenience to our lives. On the other hand, it also leads to some troubles in protecting our precious data. As we all know, even some hardware or software issues can make you lose data, without any hints and lead to further problems.

Therefore, it is good to have data recovery software on your PC. It can protect you from most of the issues you might face with data loss, by means of retrieving lost data. Just because of the essential property of such software, we are very happy to announce the giveaway of Amigabit Data recovery, one of the best data recovery software on the market. It is obvious that you can retrieve any sorts of data you lose due to some accidental or indented actions.

Amigabit Data Recovery

Amigabit Data Recovery Software

As the name implies, Amigabit Data recovery is data recovery software, available for Windows-based computers, for recovering lost data resulted from intended or unintended deletes. Just as other software, this utility can also rebuild deleted file based on the details from the index file on your hard drive or any other media. Nevertheless, this decent tool has several additional features accompanied by effective recovery and sped. Now, let’s check out those features of Amigabit Data recovery.

Support Tons of Video Formats

With this powerful software, you could retrieve famous file formats such as MPEG, AVI, DOC, JPEG, BMP, PNG, MP4, etc. When it comes to the case of file system formats, the utility could support all popular file systems including FAT12/16/32, NTFS/NTFS5, ExFAT. Besides, this program comes can work with the latest Windows 8 Operating System.

Reliable and Efficient

This program can be seen as one of the safest and easiest methods you can apply for recovering your lost data. As you can see from the above statement, the tool has no bad effect on the existing files in your device when trying to retrieve deleted ones. Besides the just formatted or deleted files, the tool can also retrieve files, which are currently inaccessible through your computer (result from the corruption of files).

Moreover, this utility could not only retrieve data from the hard drive but also other media storages like the portable hard drive, cameras, SD card, iPhone, iPad, etc.

Preview before Recover

To recover lost files from a deleted or formatted folder is very tedious work, especially when you do not know the file names. Preview deleted files before retrieving is an awesome feature possessed by this utility. For instance, you can preview your lost photos before you decide which one to retrieve. With this feature, you can save your time as well as disk space.

Support Various Data Deletion

This tool is designed to help people retrieve all kinds of data lost in various situations permitted or not. It could recover all the files lost in the following cases.

Accidental: You can retrieve data deleted via by mistakenly pressing ‘Delete’ or ‘Shift+Delete’ buttons and have emptied recycle bin as well.

Virus Attack: When your PC is attacked by some virus and automatically delete your data from the hard disc, do not worry, you can use this utility to retrieve them efficiently.

Format Hard Drive: If you had formatted your hard drive inadvertently or not, you retrieve all those files with this tool.

• Operation Error: The tool can undo deletions made due to sudden shutdown, power failure, partition errors, factory reset, etc.

Intuitive UI

To use this app, you do not need to have much knowledge about PC. It offers you two different but intuitive modes to retrieve your lost data:

Standard Mode and Shortcut Mode: The Standard Mode consists of Fast Recovery and Advanced Recovery.

Fast Recovery: Fast retrieve files that are accidentally deleted and emptied from trash bins. Advanced Recovery: safely and effectively recover formatted files, besides, its raw recovery feature can deep scan and flawlessly retrieve files from severely corrupted storage media or unknown file systems.

Moreover, the Shortcut Mode offers an intuitive way to retrieve lost data. All you need to do is select right file type, check disk partition and scan. This mode can help find out all the statistics related to the file format you selected, including files that are deleted, formatted and raw data.


Put all remarkable features of Amigabit Data Recovery above into consideration, we can simply state that it is an optimum utility for recovering data from your damaged hard drives. As a basic or pro computer user, the software is an essential for you. The free trial version of the software allows users to recover 100MB files.