How to Make Money as An Amazon Affiliate?

Those who wanna make money online from their home without investing a penny always search for how to make money as an amazon affiliate or how to make money with Amazon Associates program.

It is simple to get started with the Amazon Associates Program or Amazon Affiliate Program, and making money as an associate can be very easy.

The main problem with Amazon becomes earning enough money to be worth your time, considering the low commissions us affiliates have to put up with.

With Associates, you will receive a very small commission for each sale, which is why you need to focus on volume.


It does not exactly come down to just linking to a lot of big-ticket items with the hopes of increasing your commissions, but instead a focus on getting more people to Amazon every month.

One of the first things I learned for making money with amazon associates was that I had to broaden my niche a little bit each month to increase sales. I found making money with amazon affiliate program is simple.

Once I started sending people to Amazon for products, I realized that I needed to get my foot in the door on several related niches.

For example, I had a hair loss website, so I sold hair loss products for men, for women, hair concealers, shampoos, and wigs to appeal to many different types of customers.

It helped me continually increase the number of people I could send to Amazon, and my revenues went up each month. The rest of this article will give you several tips for making money as an amazon affiliate.

How to Make Money as An Amazon Affiliate?

Steps to Make Money with Amazon Associates

1. Refer More People to Amazon

Okay, before you say “thanks captain obvious”, let me give you some tips on how to do it. I recommend focusing on products that are $20 or less with the hopes that you can refer people to Amazon.

I have sent people to Amazon for a $10 product, and they ended up spending over $100 on other unrelated items. The ultimate goal is to get people there sometimes because you never know how much money someone is going to spend.

The other thing I recommend doing is trying to become active in various sub-niches that are related to your niche. I used my hair loss example above, and you should apply that to whatever products it is you are marketing.

2. Promote Products that Are AT LEAST 4 Star Rated

When I go to Amazon looking for a product, the first thing I do is the highest-rated products. I will typically pick one of the top 3 rated products, and it usually comes down to price and rating for me.

I would imagine that most people want products that other Amazon customers review very highly. Therefore, you need to focus on products with four and five-star ratings to increase conversions and make sure that people are happy with the products they are getting.

One of the best things about Amazon is you can follow customer reviews, and you will know how good each product is in your niche.

3. Make Sure Your Niche is Profitable

It is a mistake that a lot of people make in the beginning when they start with Amazon Affiliate or other programs. You might pick something random without doing strong research and find that not a lot of people want to purchase this online.

Sometimes your market might not be online as much as you anticipated. The best thing to do is find a profitable angle to your niche or to switch niches altogether.

I am not usually one for telling someone to start over, but there are certain areas where you might struggle no matter what.

4. Best Conversion Method? A Real Honest Review

I have always found that a positive and honest review will sell a product way more times than a fake review. I once ordered a product from Amazon and loved it so much that I set up a website around it.

I ended up pretty much just selling people the one product, and my website became a hit. I was able to reach most customers who were looking for more information on this product, and it sold very well.

If you are genuinely passionate about something and if you believe in something, then it will come through in your review.

When I wrote the review for this product, I included my pictures of the product and my experience using the product. Give me a better way of converting, and I will gladly replace this step, but I have not found it yet.

5. Build an Email List With a Free Giveaway

Let’s say you have a website about getting rid of acne. You are reviewing products and writing articles around certain keywords, but just not seeing the success you thought you might.

Now, you have customers, but people are not buying enough for you to be profitable. What do you do next?

The best thing to do is give away something for free and get a subscriber in exchange. I currently use the Mailchimp for my email marketing needs, and the results have been tremendous.

If you are in the acne niche, you can write a free report on “Foods that prevent acne” or “10 Tips to Never Get Another Pimple”, and people would gladly give away their email in exchange for the report.

Then you can send out updates to your blog, and new product offers to people on your email list. You could also try to incorporate coupons and special offers for members who subscribe to your newsletter. What you will find is that your subscribers will eventually become customers for the long haul.

6. Link Everywhere to Amazon

If you are trying to sell something, you should link pictures and text on your article to the Amazon product you are promoting. For example, I would include links like “Click this link for a special offer” or “ – Click to See Special Price!” throughout your article for a better chance to convert.

Now, you mustn’t add TOO many links, but there should be at least 5 scattered throughout the article. You should also link every single image to the affiliate page.

7. Sell More to Make More

On Amazon, you get paid higher commissions as you sell more products. You can view the chart to the right and see how Amazon Affiliate currently pays associates.

Those who sell more products are rewarded for their behavior. It is also why I said to offer lower prices products earlier because not only will you make more sales, and you will make more off each sale as well.

There are certain restrictions on this chart, but for the most part, it would apply to any niche type affiliate website.

8. Provide Discount Codes & Deals

If you are promoting any product & if you provide discount coupons or deals, then there is an excellent chance of conversion because people love discounts when shopping for their favorite product.

There are many ways to find deals on Amazon like subscribing to Amazon, checking other coupon sites, or using price tracker tools.


Increasing Amazon offers comes down to three different things, in my opinion. First is reaching more customers within your niche who are going to buy Amazon products.

The next is getting every customer to eventually become a subscriber to your list so you can keep them updated at all times.

Finally, you should offer many different products through the Amazon Affiliate Program to make sure you can get your commission rate up and continually make profits from each sale. If you can do these three things, then you will have more success than you ever imagined.

Please leave your comments below and let me know what you think about the article. If you have any other tips, please give them below and feel free to link back to your website. Thanks for reading my blog post!

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