Adcash Advertising Technology: I don’t usually review websites but I know that there are people like me. People who make living by selling stuff online. So, we need effective monetization programs and websites. In fact, Monetization is the basic and only key to grow any empire online. I usually sell items on eBay, amazon and other websites but I am not able to do this to such a great level. I suck at advertising.

adcash advertising technology

Adcash Advertising Technology

So, for this I hit the Google search engine and just on the first-page listing I found (Now, that is what we call a real advertising), I made a click but I wasn’t so sure of it. So, after making it to the homepage I went for the sign-upprogram.

Adcash Advertising Technology is basically a very earliest online advertising company which helps people to monetize their applications, products, and websites. It has been pretty successful because of its real effective results. So, in the very sign-upprogram, you have to choose a specific option according to your needs. If you are an advertiser of any virtual or non-virtual product, if you want to increase the sales, you have to opt for the advertising option.

adcash dot com

So hell yeah, I went for “advertiser” option because I really want to get sales for my Product. So, I don’t need it for any website but for a specific product. I was pretty much confused if this website could solve my Requirement.

After signing up, I had to create a campaign but, when I created my project, I saw the solution of my problem; it can directly send traffic to my product page instead of scattering the traffic all over the website (which I never want). Then, I thought that this is it, I gotta pay the payment and move but no then, I saw the real magic of

Variety of Options

It gives you a great variety of options, I could really decide that where and to which part of this earth do I want this ad to be shown. I mean that is pretty cool. I could decide the device where it should go, a PC or a smartphone; I could decide the way it should come up: a pop out or like a banner. I also used several advertising websites and programs before like CPC, but I never saw such a great discrete variety. But here I got an abundance of ways like, CPC, CPA, CPV and other types and modes.

adcash self managed

But, I believe that getting ads on Smart Phone and Pc screens doesn’t give the viewers an entire amount of information about our product, because if they don’t have the complete details they won’t be willing to buy it. But, I got this problem solved on Here, I am able to publish a video where I can really get the viewers to know my product more. And their adrenaline can really turn into sales and sales are all I need.

adcash ad types

Visual Tag for the Audience

So, I got a visual tag for the audience. Now, I can even see the number of audience which is really dependent on my selection and campaign type.

adcash available traffic

The payment gateways are really Global, you name it and they have it like: PayPal, card (visa/MasterCard), skrill, web money, and web transfer etc. etc.

The CPC and CPM amounts are really customizable, from a range of 0.38 to 50 £ for CPM bids.

adcash cpm bids

And I also get the real time count of audience. After finalizing all the options, I thought that I usually get some views on my product page so how would I know if the visitors are from or not, but just on the left side of home panel page, I saw the options to know my detailed reports. These options include Daily spending Report, Detailed statistics and you can customize your demand of report analysis by requesting a filtered report.

adcash account settings

Campaign Monitoring in Real-time

Using Adcash Advertising Technology, I can also opt to get mails every time when my campaign gets started or paused or when wallet amount is empty. Yes, they also have a wallet. So, you don’t need to get redirected to your bank website every time, you start or restart campaign. Add up the money in the wallet once and keep going.

For, company usage purposes they also create a log file, like when you got in, what you did , the time and even the location.

adcash date time

If you get yourself messy on this website they also provide a customer support, all you need is to submit your query.

So, Summing up all the experience I had with these affiliate and marketing websites. I really think has improvised the advertising world a lot. They really give us a self-advertising service with some clicks. The very magnetizing feature for linking up with is this that from the very beginning when you sign up your account to the results of this online advertising service, it is really customizable. I mean even the audience, even the screens whichshows up your ads are customizable, what else do we need in online advertising parameter.

Final Verdict

I am writing this review of Adcash Advertising Technology to show up and share the real insights, details and experience I had, not for but for my struggle with those savvy and traditional advertising websites. I mean you can’t sell an umbrella to a person living in a Desert where precipitation is zero. Audience is not enough but Audience targeting is what we actually need. These visitors can only become sales when they are send with the real product.

Else, there are a lot of other websites who can get to visitors but never bring you any sale. I really didn’t compared the pricing with other websites because I value the work does for me. And, that is why I want everyone to check at least once. You can also get a detailed insights report of your campaign even if you are away from your pc, the app for android and apple devices has made it very much easier and comfortable to control your account anytime, anywhere.