While there are obviously a lot of free web-based and desktop tools available for converting PDFs these days, sometimes the results you get with such tools just aren’t going to cut it in the business world. Everyone who has converted PDFs to other file formats with a free tool has undoubtedly experienced the hassles of the less-than-perfect results that usually come with such conversion options.

Able2Extract Professional 8

If you are someone whose work productivity depends on having a dependable tool that gives you fast and accurate PDF conversions, then purchasing a world-class software solution is a justifiable expense. One such advanced software solution is Able2Extract Professional 8.

Able2Extract Professional 8

Brought to us by PDF industry leaders Investintech.com, Able2Extract Professional 8 PDF Converter offers the following key features:

1. A wide range of conversion options

The software can convert your PDFs into a large variety of file formats include Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher, but also AutoCAD, Open Office, HTML, various image formats, text and more. Providing so many options pretty much guarantees that Able2Extract is the only PDF converter you will ever need, no matter what type of documents you work with most.

2. Scanned and OCR conversion technology

The latest version of Able2Extract boasts the most advanced OCR capabilities in the industry. Convert any PDF, regardless of whether it is native or scanned PDF, using this powerful OCR technology.

3. Selective content conversion options

Sometimes you have a large PDF file but only need a small part of it converted into another file format. Able2Extract allows you to select specific content and convert only that content. Whether it’s a couple page of the PDF or only a few lines of text, you can customize your conversions and avoid wasting time converting a full PDF and then editing it down to the content you need.

4. Cross-platform compatibility

Able2Extract Professional 8 is the only software solution of its kind that is available for Windows, iOS, and Linux users.

Some other handy features of the software include:

  • An advanced PDF viewer, which allows users to view PDFs within the software
  • A very user-friendly interface that is very easy to navigate even for first-time users
  • A step-by-step Wizard that introduces new users to the software quickly and effectively
  • A variety of language options
  • Batch conversion options that allow users to convert a large number of PDFs at once

If you are intrigued and want to learn more, head over to Investintech.com and try out Able2Extract Professional 8 free for a trial period of seven days. The full desktop version is sold for $129.99 and monthly (30-day) subscriptions are also available for $34.99.

If you need a professional tool for PDF conversions that perfectly maintains the layout of your original document, Able2Extract Professional 8 is hard to beat.