Vine is a rising video-sharing service portal online with Twitter as the parent company. The portal allows its users to record & edit 6 ½ seconds of looping videos & share or “revine” on others’ posts. Some of the Vines get automatically revined & these videos could then be shared on popular social networking sites & published on Vine’s own social network. Interestingly, last year in July, Vine launched Loop count that indicates the number of times a video has been looped by people- both on Vine & other sites across the internet.

The Loop update offers a fresh key to quickly assess how interesting and popular a Vine is- on the basis of the basis of frequency of that particular Vine loop viewership. The loop counts come in real time – thus as your play a video, you would know that you are watching it with how many people at this current moment.

Vine loops

The “Loop count” is acting as a great metric for the marketers that show them how frequently people are viewing their 6-second vine videos. Before the arrival of Loop count, the marketers had to concentrate on comments, revines and Likes to gauge the influence of their particular social clips. It is said that Loops have kind of replaced the revines. A lot of esteemed brands, who use Vine as one of the marketing portals online, are happy with the development of Loop count.

Before the development of this metric, the marketers were unable to find the number of views they’re generating over Vine. The Loops will help brands to justify the budget towards social videos. As mobile/digital spending in under great scrutiny these days, the very ability to gauge the content’s performance is the key.

Loop count helps to understand which specific contents are keeping the viewers engaged which offer the marketers to gauge the performance and potential of their videos here. The best part is that the new development from Vine talks about engagement level of the video with audience – a very important thing that could not be measured as directly prior to the arrival of Loop.

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