Top 5 Must Read Blogs for Students

If you have a computer or smartphone in your hands, then there is no need to keep books always with you. On the world wide web, there are several sites like Wikis providing lots of useful information. Apart from these, many organizations and people are also sharing knowledge through blogs. It won’t be wrong if I say – today, you can find quality content on the various blogs. Many niche educational blogs are sharing rich content every day. Students should read and follow these useful, informative blogs to gain knowledge. I have tried to give you a list of top blogs for students. I believe you will find it helpful and share knowledge with the entire world.

must read blogs for students

Must-Read Blogs for Students

Positivity Blog

Reading blogs and articles will not only keep you updated with news and information but can help you in becoming a great person as well. However, following a positive attitude as well as spreading that rationalist to other people will make your relationships with other people like your family, friends, etc. more rewarding. This blog, “Positivity Blog” will help you in becoming that positivist social butterfly with its everyday tips on how to be a better person as well as how to build stronger relationships. Believe me, you will be surprised after reading a few posts.



This blog is devoted to helping everyone on this beautiful planet a great place to live in. You will learn tips on how to save energy as well as read up on other fuel options with information. You’ll absolutely experience as part of the “in” crowd as well as those people around you will notice how you are “going green” just after some weeks of daily updates from Treehugger. Always use what you learn from the Treehugger to teach others, as well as spread the word about how they can also help save the environment.


Boing Boing

This blog is one of the most visited blog sites on the Internet on the web, as well as is the “directory of magnificent things” found online. Originally a printed fanzine, the Boing Boing is a great place to check out after you have spent the day studying or classes, but still want to do something productive. This award-winning blog is always being updated with exciting factoids with news-blips from worldwide. If you are looking for some conversation material just to impress your peers, you can be sure to get what you’re searching for on Boing Boing.


Warwick the careers blog

Today, one of the best aspects of reading blogs online can learn something new whenever you check one out. Every student spent more time in college, and this will mold him or her who she k he becomes in the future, and it’s perfect to understand himself so you can control it. Today, everyone’s plan to live a leading positive as well as rewarding, but it’s easier said than done for all time. With “The Careers blog”, you’ll continually be reminded of the need to be in control of your feelings and emotions. As a result, you control your life.


Student Life Network Blog

This blog provides information to readers about interesting facts that are categorized into various classes, including health facts, country facts, educational facts, lifehacks, and many more. It gives accurate information’s on different subjects or topics it covered.


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