Smartphones have now become a necessity and not just a fad. Being constantly on-the-go requires gadgets to keep one connected to his work, families and friends, as well as other activities that they enjoy doing. With the aid of technology, being able to communicate in different platforms — such as e-mail, messenger, SMS, video, and the likes — is not possible. Having a dandy smartphone conveniently in your pocket allows you to perform and be on top of your everyday activities even while stuck on traffic or while on a business trip. Thus, the gadget is indeed a necessity to catch up with today’s fast-paced life.

best smartphones

Diving into every new phone model is not wise financially and you’ll end up lost deciding what’s really important and what should be prioritized. Here are a few best smartphones you could check out and compare before buying a suitable smartphone model. Whatever your budget and priorities are, you’ll find a smartphone fit for your budget.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung has finally strayed away from its plastic-looking designs. The S6 is one of the latest flagship phones of the brand that features a sleek and glorious Gorilla Glass 4 at the front face and a colored metal beneath, giving it a professional and elegant look. Samsung has also managed to seriously improve the specs of the phone without even compromising its battery life.

Professionals who enjoy taking pictures for work or even for pleasure can enjoy the phone’s improved camera with optical image stabilization and a wide f/1.9 aperture perfect for capturing stunning images in practically any condition. The Samsung S6 is definitely the most stunning smartphone in the market today.

  1. LG G4

LG G3 dominated the smartphone industry last year and its reputation still lingers impressively at present. With its already superb specs and capabilities, just imagine what an improved version can offer. LG G4 can be considered as a beast machine with its promising specs that are better and far bolder than its precedent. It has a camera that matches that of Samsung’s S6, fast internals, and a 5.5 inch quad HD display.

It also features that sleek professional look but has leathered-back options, which surprisingly sums up the total “dazzling” factor of the unit. One thing good about the LG G4 is that it places practicality and functionality over aesthetics. However, with the look of this beast, it seems that its beauty remains to be uncompromised with its function.

The G4 has a removable 3,000 mAh battery, a microSD slot, and a 32GB stock storage allocation. Another good point is that it is a lot cheaper compared to the S6.

  1. Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

Sony’s Z3 Compact deceives everyone with its small frame BUT the phone is definitely packed with premium features, minus the high-end price. It performs faster than its contemporaries and is even waterproof. What sets it apart from its contemporaries is its battery life.

If you prefer small-screen phones that fit perfectly on your side pockets, the Sony Xperia Z3 compact is the best Android phone for you out there.

  1. Xiaomi Mi4

Xiaomi Mi4 delivers a snappy performance and comes with a great camera at an affordable cost. It is beautifully designed and its performance is too good to pass up. The exterior design of the Xiaomi Mi4 may borrow a lot of similarities from that of Apple’s iPhone, but it has plenty of features that make it a very powerful handheld hardware. Xiaomi is also about to go further in impressing the smartphone market by introducing a new device under the Mi4 line – the Mi4i. The new version will be a low-end version of Mi4 and may feature a 1.6GHz octa-core Qualcomm processor, 2GB of RAM, and refreshed MIUI7, on top of its Android 5.0.2 Lollipop operating system. You can compare prices of Xiaomi Mi4 Singapore at PricePanda site.

  1. iPhone 6

Apple is now venturing into the big screen market as it introduces a larger version of the iPhone. The sleeker and more modern-looking handset still remains to possess the impressive features that the iPhone has, only bolder and braver. It features scratch-resistant glass, Oleophobic coating, and boasts of a sapphire crystal lens cover. It still features its home-grown dual-core A8 processor which is the third consecutive Apple chip to be custom-designed to improve the device’s performance up to 25% and 50% in its CPU.

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