For expensive and high end mobile devices like iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus taking an extra protection both for the device and battery backup has become now a necessity, especially when you have such an array of inexpensive options for the same. Besides offering you the ease of charging these cases also add personal charms to the device. Among the array of options 1byOne iPhone 6 case particularly took our attention thanks to its sleek handy design, robust performance and quite affordable price.

1byone iphone 6 case

1byOne rechargeable case for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus priced at $36.99 at Amazon is presently one of the most affordable battery cases currently available. Especially in consideration to its performance and ease of use you cannot find lot of choices in similar price range. Moreover, the company has shown great confidence in the quality of its product by promising 18 months guarantee in case of any complaint. Naturally, just within weeks the product continued to hit the shelves beating many of the well known players.

Let us now see that the question of affordability apart how this case offers good value for money compared to highly priced options and the so called cheap products.

Size and design

Size and adjustments required for holding differently sized iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is one of the positive attributes of this case. With a slider style case and bumper like design it is extremely handy and optimised for holding the device in grip. With slim and concise design it made, it does not add to the size of the phone at all. The sides of the case offer a subtle and quite inconspicuous as well as practical design offering easily aligned outlets for the device buttons. Two alternatively usable frames in transparent and black colours would further add to the customised style of the device. The micro USB and headphone port at the bottom of the case are inconspicuous as well. The thin cover will create least distraction from the original aesthetics of the phone. You have quite a few options to select the colour of the case including gold, black, white, silver, grey and yellow.

Each of the rechargeable case has star shaped three light power indicator and a switch for powering on and off the backup system. The indicators quickly tells you the status of the battery condition and the round on/off switch beside it would simply let you start backing up the device from case battery and stop doing so when not required.

Damage prevention through an in-built IC circuit

To tell about the specs of this thin and powerful case we must begin with the protective capability of the device from any unwanted electrical damage. There is a helpful IC circuit inside the case that would protect the phone from any damage caused by either short circuit or other user committed acts of negligence like overcharging the device.

Robust battery backup and user time

As for the battery backup we are pretty convinced about the 1byOne case as it can recharge the additional battery 120% of the original device battery capacity. That means, with single full charge the user can actually avail more than two times of device use time. That’s pretty awesome considering the result that the backup promises to deliver for different kinds of phone usage.

The rechargeable case offers a whopping 288 hours of standby time, 17 hours of 3G talk time, 12 hours and 13 hours of continuous browsing time with respectively on 3G and LTE network. The battery when charged in full can support 13 hours of movie watching and 60 hours of audio playing time. At average measure that is more than two full recharges of iPhone 6 device battery.

The package

The case is priced quite reasonably compared to many other expensive cases with similar specs and feature set. One pack of 1byOne iPhone 6/6S battery charger case consists of two bumper frames for alternate usage, a micro-USB 2.0 cable for charging the device and case battery and for syncing the iPhone with computer and a 3.5mm audio extension cable. Apart from device protection and the charging solution while you have no charger or plugging point around, the case also helps protecting the device battery by taking the load off.

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