Lights from time immemorial have been considered a key accompaniment for creating the right mood for any interior and exterior ambience, especially in night time. These days LED crystal stage light is offering a truly affordable and easy way to add glam to any ambiance whether on-stage or off-stage. The fluorescent textured lights creating symmetrical and colorful shapes all over the rooms will create a dream like ambience perfect for celebrating together in a dazzling party. The all new 1byOne Crystal Super LED Stage Light recently grabbed the attention of decorative artists and interior specialists because of minimalistic design and charismatic lighting output to transform any ambiance.

1byone crystal super led stage light

Stunning lighting ambiance for all occasions

Adding to the hippest club ambiance to the chic bars and sophisticated boutique hotels to creating perfect mood for a home party for near and dear ones, this new light range is ideal for all of these and many more. This one-of-a-kind designer light with state of the art LED technology can add glam and charm to any professional and homely ambiance without creating much fuss. If exceptional quality of light is just one forte of this great product then obviously the other is the ease of creating stunning visual effects for everybody. Priced quite reasonably this product offers equally a functional brilliance and a flamboyant style and stunning lighting presence.

Whether you have a cool dinner party or a crazy disco party with guests rocking the dance floor or you have a lot of dignitaries around in a cool reception, this LED stage light can fit into any celebrating mood and occasion and can help augment the mood to a great extent. This lighting fixture also offers rotating lights to create moving lighting textures to let you feel the ecstasy. With single colored structure it can also create a surreal as well as cool ambiance for everyone to immerse into socializing and chatting. There are different color arrangements in the light to let you fulfill your dream.

Lighting features beyond so called lighting output

LED is still the most advanced and durable lighting technology for an array of purposes. You can limit the system to display a single color or just can create a chemistry of diverse shapes and textures in multiple lights. Besides creating small petals of textured lights inside any atmosphere the product can deliver fascinating circles of lights.

Where can you use such lights?

However glamorous and overwhelmingly beautiful it looks it can be rotated or fixed at a particular angle as per the demands of the ambiance and situation. These multi-color-changing rotating lights ideally can suit any on-stage ambiance including dance floors, disco, parties, bars, musical evenings, home parties and business parties, dining environments, etc. These lights offer vistas of color and charms to add splendor to any occasion. Moreover, it guarantees extreme functional ease by offering a very user friendly control panel to change color patterns and rotating movements whenever you like them.

Dynamic and user friendly features

This magic LED ball light can create dazzlingly colorful lighting with 2 pieces of red LEDs and 1 piece for each color of LED including yellow, green, white and blue. All the LED lights irrespective of their color offers optimum brightness and together helps to create a colorful and stunning lighting effect ideal for disco, parties, occasions and all kinds of celebrations.

The user friendly control panel let you easily control rotation speed, colors and accompanying sound effects. This high tech lighting device let you control it either through DMX512 control panel or alternatively through voice control.

The device comes with advanced LED technology which ensures creating very powerful beams while incurring a minimum expenditure of electricity compared all other conventional lighting solutions. Long lifespan LEDs used in the device can sustain the charge for up to 100,000 hrs. Low power consumption makes this light extremely cost effective as well. The product deserves particular praise because of extraordinary power and requirement of least maintenance.

The product is very reasonably priced at just $32.99 at Amazon and comes with a replacement guarantee that protects the device from any accidental damages.

Finally to conclude, the product is a versatile lighting solution for creating exotic ambience without much difficulty and cost. Consuming as less as 85 percent lower energy compared to most other lights while always offering highest luminosity for decades, you cannot make a better choice for buying party light.

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